Senko Tekstil manufactures and exports garments, housedresses, pyjamas, pajamas, sleepwears, nightclothes, home textiles, sports wears, maternity wears, kids wears, men wears, women wears, pajamas sets, capri sets, shorts sets, tunics, indoor dresses, morning gowns, nightgowns, bathrobes, capris, shorts sets, oversize garments, garment, housedress, pyjama, pajama, sleepwear, nightdress, home textile, sports wear, maternity wear, kids wear, men wear, women wear, pajamas set, capri set, shorts set, tunic, indoor dress, morning gown... Senko Tekstil started as a wholesale company at the beginning of the 80s. Senko textile was established in 1986 as export marketing business in the World. The company started of production in 2000 year as senko textile in developing international marketing. Senko textiles has created its first manufacturing department this year. Globalizing develops targeted branding aspect of the mission with the world target.Senko textile has improved design and graphics departmans inside location.Senko textile is creating its own brands and produce. Senko textile located in Istanbul Gene┼čli place,have a rich showroom and high-quality raw materials producing apparel with price margin including competition. it has been producing area 18.000 m2 as senko textile. It produces all garment as senko textile. Senko textiles offer the best service and its customers and likes hosbitality of all people.

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